The Bestselling New Releases in Market Research

Date of Publication: Dec 8, 2016
The quarterly North American EMS Business Performance Report provides insight into EMS business metrics and growth. The report includes estimates of total market size and forecasts of current-year growth for the Americas and the world, as well as quarterly sales and bookings growth data and book-to-bill ratios.

Date of Publication: Dec 8, 2016

This survey-based study covers the current state and outlook for the North American PCB industry, including market size estimates and forecasts through 2017, sales and production growth, sales by product type, product mix (e.g, prototype), revenue trends from value added services, vertical markets, revenue per employee, capacity utilization, US PCB imports and exports, and more. The survey sample includes 29 PCB manufacturers with total sales of $1.73 billion, representing approximately 51 percent of the North American PCB market. 

Date of Publication: Dec 6, 2016
This study contains a complete assessment of the supply chain for PTFE and related exotic capacitors including feedstock sources, film extruders, film metallizers and capacitor manufacturers who specialize in nice capacitor production for value-added and application specific end-use market segments. This report covers PTFE capacitors and their supply chain, with a forecast for these products with respect to end-markets due to expected changes in the commercialization of space.

Date of Publication: Dec 7, 2016
The monthly North American PCB Market Report provides timely data on PCB market size, sales and order growth, book-to-bill ratios and near-term forecasts. Data are reported for rigid PCBs and flexible circuits separately. The rigid PCB data are further segmented by company size tiers, and flex data includes trends in bare circuit versus assembly revenue sources. Trends in sales of boards to the military and medical markets are reported for both rigid and flex, as well as trends in prototype sales.

Date of Publication: Dec 7, 2016
The monthly North American EMS Market Report offers a timely update on EMS market size, sales and order growth, order backlogs, book-to-bill ratios and near-term forecasts, as well as vertical market percentages. Sales growth is reported for PCB assembly, box build, other types of production and other services, and is segmented by company size tier.

Date of Publication: Sep 17, 2016
This survey-based study covers production data, assembly attributes, yields, defect rates (DPMO), test and inspection methods used, customer returns, supplier performance, customer satisfaction and certification data. This report enables electronics assembly companies to compare their performance to industry averages. The survey sample includes 94 electronics assembly companies from North America, Europe and Asia with total sales revenue ranging from under $10 million to more than $100 million.

Date of Publication: Dec 7, 2016
World PCB Production Report offers consensus estimates of PCB production value by country and by product type, commentary on global and regional PCB industry trends, and historical data on regional PCB production trends. The estimates are developed by a team of the world's leading industry analysts. 

Date of Publication: Dec 5, 2016
This report provides a detailed review of the global market for building-integrated photovoltaic technologies. The global market for building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technologies will grow from $2.4 billion in 2016 to $4.3 billion by 2021 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.2% for the period of 2016-2021.