Ball Grid Array Inspection and Defect Guide

Ball Grid Array Inspection and Defect Guide

Date of Publication: Mar 29, 2012

This CD ROM is fully interactive and covers the different types of BGA component, design and process requirement with X-ray inspection of solder joints and a inspection standard for guidance. A Word document of the text is available on the CD ROM for use in a company standard and may be edited to suit the company documentation system. Examples of satisfactory standards are provided with a complete guide to possible process defects. The defect section may be viewed with small examples to make searching easy and then each sample may be viewed at both half and full screen. A description of each of the defects is included with the examples. A full animation of the surface mount assembly process is included on the disk which includes the BGA, double sided assembly and through hole/Intrusive reflow assembly. This section features a commentary by Bob Willis or can be viewed with just a text guide. The CD ROM also includes over 130 picture files which may be used freely in training material and standards in a manufacturing company provided that the resulting material is not resold.

This CD-ROM may be run without a full multi media PC as the process guide, inspection standards and defect descriptions may be viewed and read without a sound system. However, maximum benefit will be obtained when using a PC with a sound card.
1 To run from the CD place it in the ROM drive and double click on File Manager under Program Manager in Windows and select relevant drive. Double click on BGAROM, then CDROM and INSTALL.EXE. The program will start to load and you will be requested to enter the drive name where you wish the program to be installed. This will take a few moments depending on the speed of the PC. On completion of installation the program will automatically run.

2 The following main menu will then appear. This allows access to each of the sections by simply clicking on the relevant text. On each section menu there is the opportunity to exit and close the program. 

3 The first section illustrates the complete modern assembly process and explains each of the methods used to assemble a printed board. This example screen shows the fluxing stage used during wave soldering. 

4 Ball Grid Array devices are new to many people so each of the device types is illustrated in the BGA Component section. Clicking on the questionmarks reveals the brief description of each of the components. 

5 At present there are no national or international inspection standards for BGA or X-ray inspection. A basic document is included under the X-ray Inspection section and this may be searched for relevant joint criteria. 

6 This section is also illustrated with examples of each of the most common surface mount terminations. The examples may be enlarged full screen and viewed with the relevant criteria. 

7 The BGA Defect Guide and Picture Gallery is contained on a number of pages each with six defects per page. Often the type of defect is not known, so a photographic example may be selected for the type of defect, a description and a magnified view. 

8 This example is one of the defect views shown at half screen with the scrollable text box which accompanies each of the defects in the photographic gallery. 

Date of Publication:
Mar 29, 2012
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