Channel-in-a-Box Market Trends

Channel-in-a-Box Market Trends

Global Industry Analysts, Date of Publication: Mar 27, 2014

Channel-in-a-Box (CiaB) is a device that plays out content for a single channel, and is used by broadcasters for broadcasting television channels to the end users.

The report analyzes and presents an overview of Channel-in-a-Box (CiaB) market worldwide. The report in addition provides global market estimates and projections for Channel-in-a-Box in US dollars for years 2012 through 2017. Supported with 1 market data table, the report has a mention about several popular Channel-in-a-Box systems including Snell ICE System, OvertureRT LIVE, and ChannelPort. The report discusses the launches pertaining to Channel-in-a-Box and other related technologies as well as solutions by leading manufacturers including Pebble Beach Systems, PlayBox Technology, Harmonic, Harris Corporation, SGT Vivesta and others witnessed by the industry over the last few years. The report also highlights the recent M&A activities in the industry involving key players namely Evertz, Pharos, Grass Valley, PubliTronic and others. In addition, 39 companies operating in the Channel-in-a-Box arena worldwide are profiled.


CiaB - An Overview 1
Utilization of CiaB Technologies in Existing Broadcasting
Equipment 1
Advent of CiaB Technologies for Traditional and Entry-level
Broadcasters 1
An Ideal CiaB Solution 2
Necessary Technical Specifications 2
Limitations Faced by Broadcasters 3
CiaB Solutions and Multichannel Playout Technologies 3
Storage Issues 4
Popular Channel-in-a-Box Systems 4
Current CiaB Technology Standpoint 5
Snapshot of Current Industry Trends 5
Channel-in-a-Box: Game Changer in Global Broadcast Industry 5
Table 1: Global Channel-in-a-Box (CiaB) Revenues (2012-2017)
in US$ Million 6
Leading Channel-in-a-Box (CiaB) Brands by Region Worldwide:
2012 6
Technological Advancements to Expand Use of CiaB Solutions 7
Adoption of CiaB Technology to Increase in Broadcasting Industry 7
Traditional Systems Continue to Dominate Global Broadcast Market 8
Major Challenges 8

ABC O&Os Selects iTX Channel-in-a-Box Solution of Miranda
Technologies 9
HARDATA Inks Agreements with Global Distribution Companies 9
OASYS Partners with Disk Archive Corp 9
ABS Broadcast Collaborates with Grass Valley 9
Pebble Beach Systems Chooses tOG_DLL.dll Graphics Rendering
Library of RT Software 10
Snell Integrates StorNext Q-series File System and Storage of
Quantum into Channel-in-a-Box Solution 10
Snell Selects RT Software as OEM Partner 10
The Gores Group to Acquire Harris Broadcast Communications 11
Una Vez Mas Television Group Selects Channel-in-a-Box Solution
of PlayBox Technology 11
Evertz Acquires Pharos 12
Grass Valley™ Takes Over PubliTronic 12
TMD Inks Partnership Agreement with Pixel Power to Integrate
ChannelMaster™ Technology with MediaFlex® Product Line 12
Vitec Multimedia and Stryme Merge ProxSys Media Asset
Management System with Genesix Playout 13

Autocue Unveils Autocue Production Suite 14
Harmonic Launches New Enhancements in Spectrum™ ChannelPort™
Channel-in-a-Box Solution 14
Harris Broadcast to Launch NEXIO Volt™ Server 15
Pebble Beach Systems to Launch Stingray Channel-in-a-Box Range
in the US 16
Pebble Beach Systems to Roll Out Stingray CiaB Solution and
Dolphin Integrated Channel Device in Gulf Region 16
PlayBox Technology Unveils Value-Added Services 17
TVI Implements Snell ICE Channel-in-a-Box System 17
Harmonic Introduces ChannelPort Channel-in-a-Box Device 17
Harris to Introduce Harris® Versio™ Channel-in-a-Box Solution 18
Pebble Beach Systems Launches Stingray Channel-in-a-Box Solution 19
SGT Vivesta to Introduce VEDA-in-a-Box Solution 19
Skylark Technology Enhances Skylark SL NEO Series with
Advanced Closed Captioning Features 19
Snell Introduces New Products Range for Digital Networks and
Broadcasts 20
XOR Media Partners with Etere to Deliver Channel-in-a-Box Playout 20
Evertz Introduces New Mediator SC plus OvertureRT Live Solution 21
Grass Valley™ Introduces K2 Edge™ Range of Media Servers 21
Masstech to Unveil New Sapphire v2.0 Channel-in-a-Box Playout
Server and New Emerald Version 7.5 Lite Edition 22
Pixel Power to Unveil ChannelMaster™ Playout System 22
Snell Unveils Channel-in-a-Box Solutions and Enhancements 23
Snell Unveils New Channel-in-a-Box Solutions 25
Orad to Launch Blend Channel-in-a-Box Solution 26
Pebble Beach Systems Unveils Dolphin Integrated Channel Device 26

Arqiva (UK) 28
Autocue Group Ltd. (UK) 28
Aveco Sro (Czech Republic) 28
Cinegy LLC (USA) 28
DelaStream Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India) 29
EightZero Digital (UK) 29
Evertz Microsystems Ltd. (UK) 29
Fission Software, Inc. (USA) 29
FloricalSystems, Inc. (USA) 29
Grass Valley USA LLC (USA) 30
Hardata Corporation (USA) 30
Harmonic, Inc. (USA) 30
Harris Broadcast Communications (USA) 30
Harris Corporation (USA) 31
Ju-Soft Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 31
KompAni (Serbia) 31
Marex Broadcast Systems (Canada) 31
Masstech Group, Inc. (Canada) 31
Masterplay GmbH (Switzerland) 32
Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd. (Canada) 32
Media Alliance (Italy) 32
Mindriver (India) 32
Miranda Technologies, Inc. (Canada) 33
Nemavision (UK) 33
Oasys Automated Playout Ltd. (UK) 33
Orad Hi Tec Systems Ltd. (Israel) 33
Pixel Power, Inc. (USA) 33
PlayBox Technology (UK) 33
Pebble Beach Systems Ltd. (UK) 34
SGT SAS (France) 34
SkyLark Technologies, Inc. (Canada) 34
Snell Ltd. (UK) 34
Stryme GmbH (Austria) 35
Vector 3 SA (Spain) 35
Video Technics, Inc. (USA) 35
Weather Metrics, Inc. (USA) 35
Winjay Srl (Italy) 35
wTVision (Portugal) 36
XOR Media, Inc. (USA) 36

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