Date of Publication: Jun 21, 2016
DVD-10 is a serious look at handling potentially hazardous chemicals used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. All facilities must train employees that mix, store, dispose of or transport any hazardous substance. Procedures for what to do in case of a chemical emergency are explained.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-20-21C explains the different types of reflow soldering processes, including I-R, convection, and convection I-R,  covers solder pastes, creams, and fluxes. Provides a detailed study of thermal profiles for reflow soldering and includes ESD protection, process contamination, and handling considerations. This DVD also demonstrates how solder, flux and components are applied to the board and includes Leader's Guide, Transcript, Test and Answer Key. Certificates of completion are also included for students who pass the Training Certification Exam.

Date of Publication: Jul 15, 2015
This training video explains the importance of each person's contribution to the success of the printed circuit board fabrication process. Provides an interactive format, allowing groups of operators to discuss the causes of handling damage within their specific areas. Question and answer sections encourage groups to come up with their own solutions to prevent common handling defects. A valuable tool to help promote careful handling and reduce unnecessary defects

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
A visual overview of each of the manufacturing processes for a conventional 6 layer, pin registered MLB. This video explains innerlayer print and etch process and outerlayer SMOBC. Includes action photography, computer graphics and sample microphotographs during each process. An useful introduction for all new employees who will benefit from an understanding of this process.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-28 examines the procedure for preparing microsections using manual techniques for the critical grinding and polishing steps and provides a thorough examination of the microsection process steps, including coupon removal, thermal stressing, mounting, grinding, polishing, and etching the specimen.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2014
The DVD-35C defines typical defects associated with solder paste printing, discusses possible causes, and offers recommended solutions. Reviews lack of coverage, bridging, misalignment, solder paste volume/print shape, including dog-ear, pump, scoop, slope, and edge definition. Adjustments include kneading paste, squeegee pressure and speed, downstop, snap-off, and temperature. Stresses the importance of preventive maintenance. Includes Leader's Guide, Transcript, Test and Answer Key.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-47C provides an in-depth look at the wave soldering process, beginning with typical setup/adjustment procedures for conveyors, controls, spray, foam and wave fluxers (including rosin, water soluble, and low residue fluxes), convection and radiation preheaters, air knives, and wave adjustment. This DVD also explains thermal profiles, solder compositions, wave shapes and purposes. Reviews standard operating procedures, including adding solder, removing dross, proper clothing, safety requirements, and board stiffeners. A final section on troubleshooting examines common defects, causes and solutions.