Date of Publication: Jan 23, 2017
DVD-64C-K identifies all of the important through-hole and surface mount component types – including: through-hole resistors, capacitors, diodes, potentiometers, pin grid arrays, sockets, DIPs, SIPs, transistors, LEDs, inductors, chokes, torroids, filters, fuses, breakers, switches, relays, crystals, voltage regulators, thermistors, connectors, sockets, headers, and jumpers. Also covers SMT component types (QFPs, PLCCs, rectangular chips, MELFs, SOICs, molded tantalum capacitors, SOTs, DPAKs), leadless components, QFNs, DFNs, LGAs, CCGAs and BGAs. Introduces resistor, capacitor and inductor values and tolerances.

Date of Publication: Jul 18, 2016
Moisture Sensitive Devices, or "MSDs," have become a critical issue -- because of the higher temperatures involved in lead free soldering. This updated video training program provides an informative look at this "invisible" issue – to save your company time and money in preventing component malfunctions. If your operators understand why it's important to treat MSDs with care, they are more likely to avoid MSD issues.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015

DVD-24C is ideal for new employees who will be handling assemblies. It's also the perfect refresher to reinforce best-industry practices for long-term employees.

This updated IPC educational tool is designed to help prevent handling defects and reduce scrap.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-92C begins with an explanation of chip component terminology and size codes and provides detail flux considerations and land preparation using solder braid and vacuum extractor. Demonstrates industry approved techniques and common problems to avoid during removal and replacement of all types of chip components using the following hand tools: hand soldering iron (single-point and bifurcated tip); pulse heat tweezers; continuous heat tweezers; and hot air pencil. Also explains adhesive bonded components and special heating considerations for ceramic chip capacitors.

Date of Publication: Aug 31, 2013
DVD-39C introduces the features of surface mount component placement machines - including component feeding methods, heads, rails and vision...

Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1969
DVD-44C is an introductory overview of the component preparation and manual insertion process and  covers: the kitting or picking process,...