Hand Soldering Essentials -- Six DVD Set

Hand Soldering Essentials

Date of Publication: Mar 18, 2013

Covering both tin-lead and lead free soldering, this six-DVD set explores the most time-consuming and critical process in electronics assembly. Hand Solding Essentials is a great training tool for new hires, as well as useful for continuing education -- to show new methods, break bad habits, and to keep soldering skills sharpened. So give your workers the necessary fundamental knowledge required to evaluate acceptance criteria, avoid product damage, and to perform their task quickly and professionally.

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6 DVDs in the set include:

DVD-15C: Soldering Iron Tip Care
Learn the proper care and maintenance of this basic, yet important tool. The higher temperatures and increased tin content in lead free solder alloys makes this topic even more vital when trying to prolong soldering iron tip life.

DVD-18C: Soldering Terminals
Learn best-industry practices when trying to solder wires to terminals, such as: Turret, Cup, Bifurcated, Hook & Pierced. Compliant with latest IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 criteria.

DVD-42C: Hand Soldering for Through-Hole Components (Tin-Lead)
Learn the proper tools, techniques and safety practices for through-hole soldering using tin-lead solder.

DVD-43C: Lead Free Hand Soldering for Through-Hole Components
The absolute essentials of through-hole soldering using lead free solder.

DVD-49C: The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering
Break bad soldering habits, or stop them before they start. This DVD eliminates the 7 most common mistakes in hand soldering..

DVD-69C: Lead Free Hand Soldering Secrets
The secrets of successful lead free soldering have been revealed by Master Instructor Ray Cirimele. Extend tip life, improve heat transfer, create better wetting, and more.

Individual list prices for these six DVDs total: $3,350 (USD). Save 33% when you purchase this package of six DVDs.

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Date of Publication:
Mar 18, 2013