IC Substrate Market Trends

IC Substrate Market Trends

Global Industry Analysts, Date of Publication: Apr 1, 2014, 17 Pages

IC substrates, also referred to as IC carriers, are extremely miniaturized circuits used as packaging for ICs, assembled into electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, engine controls, memory modules, and global positioning systems. In electronic devices including PCs, the mother board comprises a number of components such as GPU, MPU, or memory; which contain a network of IC chips.

The report analyzes and presents an overview of IC Substrates market worldwide. Supported with 3 market data tables, the report provides a review of market trends, growth drivers, and strategic industry activities of major companies worldwide. The report further discusses about various types, and applications of IC Substrates. In addition, 32 companies operating in the IC Substrates arena worldwide including AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG, Camtek Ltd., Compeq Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Founder PCB, Genesem Inc., IBIDEN Co. Ltd., Laird Technologies Inc., QDOS Holdings Bhd., Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd., and others are profiled.


  1. IC SUBSTRATES - A TECHNOLOGY PERSPECTIVE                              1
      IC Substrates - An Introduction                                      1
      IC Substrates - Characteristics                                      1
      IC Substrates - Manufacturing Process                                1
      IC Substrates - Types                                                1
      IC Substrates - Applications                                         1
       Substrate-Specific Applications                                     2

  2. MARKET TRENDS                                                         3
      Global IC Substrate Market to Witness Growth                         3
       Table 1: Global IC Substrate Market (2012-2017) in US$ Million      3
       Table 2: Global IC Substrates Market by Company (2012) -
       Percentage Share Breakdown by Value Sales for IBIDEN, SEMCO,
       Shinko, NANYA PCB, Unimicron, Kinsus and Others                     4
      Technology Innovations in the IC Packaging Industry                  4
       Chemical Bonding-based NEAP vsMechanical Bonding-based NEAP         4
      Role of Japan in the Global IC Substrate Market                      5
      Overview of the PCB Assembly Industry in China                       5
       Major Production Centers in China                                   5
       Strategies adopted by Manufacturers                                 5
       Significant Government Support                                      6
      IC Substrate Industry in Taiwan                                      6
       Table 3: Global IC Substrates Packaging Market by Country
       (2012) - Percentage Share Breakdown for Taiwan and Others           6
       Increasing Adoption of Flip-chip Connection Technology              7
       Emergence of Coreless IC Substrates                                 7
      Major IC Substrate Manufacturers in South Korea                      7
      BT Resin Production Shifts from Japan to China, Taiwan and
       South Korea                                                         7

  3. RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY                                              8
      Atotech Expands TechCenters in Asia                                  8
      Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft
       Commences Production of IC Substrates                               8
      Orbotech Introduces Ultra PerFix 120 Automated Optical Repair
       System                                                              8
      Orbotech Pacific Showcases PCB Innovations                           9
      Atotech Develops Ecoganth MV Manufacturing Process for PCBs
       and IC Substrates                                                   9
      Atotech Offers Cupra Etch™ DE Process                                10
      Orbotech Releases Ultra Fusion™ 300 AOI System                       10
      Unimicron Technology and Nan Ya PCB Corporation Develop
       Coreless IC Substrates                                              11
      Advanced Semiconductor Engineering to Expand Operations in
       Taiwan and China                                                    11
      Camtek Unveils Phoenix Range of Automatic Optical Inspection
       Systems                                                             11

  4. MARKET PARTICIPANTS                                                   12
      AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG (AT&S) (Austria)       12
      Atotech Deutschland GmbH (Germany)                                   12
      BoardTek Electronics Corporation (Taiwan)                            12
      Camtek Ltd. (Israel)                                                 12
      Compeq Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)                              12
      Daeduck Electronics Company (Korea)                                  12
      DYCONEX AG an MST Company (Switzerland)                              13
      Eastern Co., Ltd. (Japan)                                            13
      Elec & Eltek International Holdings Ltd. (Singapore)                 13
      Founder PCB (China)                                                  13
      Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Ltd. (Japan)                       13
      Genesem, Inc. (Korea)                                                13
      Hoya Corporation (Japan)                                             13
      IBIDEN Co., Ltd. (Japan)                                             14
      Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corporation (Taiwan)                  14
      Kyocera SLC Technologies Corporation (Japan)                         14
      Laird Technologies, Inc. (USA)                                       14
      LG Innotek Co., Ltd. (Korea)                                         14
      Linxens (France)                                                     15
      Nan Ya PCB Corporation (Taiwan)                                      15
      NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. (Japan)                                     15
      QDOS Holdings Bhd. (Malaysia)                                        15
      Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. (South Korea)                    15
      SEP Co., Ltd. (Korea)                                                15
      Shennan Circuit Co., Ltd. (China)                                    16
      Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd. (Japan)                         16
      Simmtech Co., Ltd. (Korea)                                           16
      Tong Hsing Electronic Industries Ltd. (Taiwan)                       16
      Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. - Material Solutions Division (Japan)      16
      TTM Technologies, Inc. (USA)                                         16
      Unimicron Technology Corporation (Taiwan)                            17
      Zhen Ding Technology Holding Ltd. (China)                            17

  5. APPENDIX                                                              18

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