Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology ICT market research reports focus on communication technologies, it includes the Internet of Things, IoT communication platforms, wireless networks and cell phones.

Date of Publication: May 9, 2017
This report analyzes the market for commercialized IoT security solutions. The global market for Internet of Things (IoT) security solutions reached nearly $3.7 billion in 2016, and it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.6% over the next five years to reach a market size of more than $11.4 billion by 2021.

Date of Publication: May 15, 2017
This research evaluates the market outlook for IoT in Europe including the potential for IoT infrastructure and support services. The report also assesses the market for new IoT apps, services, and innovative deployment and operational models such as IoT driven Network Function Virtualization. The report includes detailed forecasts by technology, segment, application, service, and industry vertical for the period 2017 – 2022.

Date of Publication: Apr 24, 2017
This study forecasts user spending in the Japan IoT market by industry segment and by use case. Strong growth in the Japan IoT market is driven by improved business sentiment stemming from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, lower technology and cost barriers to IoT utilization, and changes in laws and support measures involving IoT. Nevertheless, for vendors to sustain their growth in the IoT business well after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, they should address the rising social issues and launch new use cases. To achieve that, they must actively develop new industry segments and ally themselves with new companies.

Date of Publication: May 3, 2017
Haptics are key technologies found as an essential feature enhancing the user experience in many very familiar products today. Whether as notification provision in a vibrating smartphone, tension building in a video game controller, or input confirmation in an industrial scanner, haptics technologies have now reached billions of electronics devices. The report finds that the haptics industry will be worth $2.8bn by 2027.

Date of Publication: Apr 21, 2017
This research assesses the technologies and market opportunities for presence and location in IoT. The report evaluates specific Geo IoT solutions from leading companies across various industry verticals. The report provides a market outlook and forecasts for 2017 through 2022. 

Date of Publication: Apr 20, 2017
Worldwide market for Internet of Things (IoT) is $16.3 billion in 2016 anticipated to reach $185.9 billion by 2023. Sensors and software analytics platforms are implemented with connectivity capability for streaming data from endpoints and using analytics to process the data in a manner that generates alerts when appropriate.  The complete report provides a comprehensive analysis of Internet of Things (IoT) in different categories, illustrating the diversity of uses for digital tracking devices in industry, healthcare and consumer markets. 

Date of Publication: Mar 27, 2017

This study provides a worldwide Internet of Things market outlook for IoT connections by access type for the 2017–2025 period. It provides forecasts on the installed base of IoT endpoints by six connectivity categories, including wired, cellular, LPWAN, short-range wireless/WLAN, satellite, and other emerging technologies. The document also highlights some key considerations for technology suppliers in this evolving and complex market as well as some of the drivers and inhibitors of growth throughout the forecast period.