IPC-A-600H-CN 印制板的可接受性

IPC-A-600H-CN 印制板的可接受性 (Chinese Language)

IPC, Date of Publication: Apr 14, 2010, 157 Pages

Peiyoutailiang illustrations printed circuit board acceptability authoritative guidance standard! Color photographs and diagrams of this document Peiyoutailiang provided can be observed from the bare-board internal or external to the target condition, acceptable conditions and not qualify. To ensure that operators, inspectors and engineers abreast of the latest information on the industry. H version has 90 multiple images as new or revised, the new copper-clad covering plating, copper plating for covering the hole and filling the hole wall separation, update and expand the coverage of white PCB, stratification and Content halo, laminate voids / cracks, etchback, blind vias and buried vias filling and flexible circuits. Acceptability requirements in this document have been associated with some of the requirements IPC- 6012C and IPC-6013B kept pace. The full text 157, released in April 2010.



Date of Publication:
Apr 14, 2010
Number of Pages:
157 Pages