The IC Knowledge - MEMS Cost Model

The IC Knowledge - MEMS Cost and Price Model

IC Knowledge, Date of Publication: Nov 24, 2017

The 2017 revision 01 is now available - The MEMS Cost and Price Model allows the user to easily estimate the manufacturing cost and selling price for most MEMS products.The model supports pre-defined processes and products or the user can define their own. The 2017 revision 01 adds new MEMS and IC processes and new packages plus updated data.

The IC Knowledge - MEMS Cost and Price Model Introduction

The IC Knowledge - MEMS Cost Model is the industry standard for cost modeling of MEMS products. Very easy to use tech model allows for up to two MEMS and up to two integrated circuit die in the same package providing a full MEMS product solution. The model then presents a detailed analysis of cost. The model supports both pre-defined and user defined products, processes and process steps. Cost includes wafer fabrication, wafer test, packaging and final test.

Supported wafer sizes
100mm, 150mm and 200mm.

Supported cost elements
Wafer cost, wafer test, packaging and final test.

Who should buy this product
The IC Knowledge - MEMS Cost Model is widely used by IDMs, OEMs, Fabless companies, Analysts, Materials Companies, Consultants, Electronics Companies and many others. The model is used for benchmarking, evaluating pricing, market research and many other uses. Our model customers include most of the worlds largest IDMs, OEMs, Fabless and Electronics companies.

Revision History

2017 - revision 00

Overall Model - Changed the Analog Devices fab from Cambridge to Wilmington. Added efficiency factor to account for differences in MEMS fabs versus IC fabs and wafer size and fab size differences.
Materials - Adjusted plating materials usage.
MEMS Processes - Added ADI stand-alone accelerometer and RF switch processes.
IC Processes - Added TSMC 180nm process with eFlash and resistor.
Facilities - NA
Packages - Updated QFN and SOIC package costs and added QFN package options.

System Requirements
The Model runs inside of Microsoft Excel and requires the user to have Excel 2010 or higher installed on their computer. There are are known compatibility issues with Excel 2007 and Open Office and any third party Excel compatible product.

Model Cost and How to Buy
A single user license for one person to install the model on one computer is $1,995. An enterprise license allowing an unlimited number of users at a company is $6,783. The model is delivered by email within a few hours of our receiving an order. The model cost includes twelve months of updates plus twelve months of reasonable levels of phone and email support. A Web Ex training session is available on request. Renewal costs at the end of twelve months are discounted 1/3 off the current prices.

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Date of Publication:
Nov 24, 2017
File Format:
Excel File via E-mail