Surface Mount Interactive Knowledge Assessment CD ROM

Surface Mount Interactive Knowledge Assessment CD ROM

Date of Publication: Aug 14, 2013

The disk provides sets of interactive question and answer tests for engineering, production and quality staff. It is designed to be used after any formal training courses to test a group or a single member of staff and their understanding of different surface mount topics. It may also be used to assist the selection of new staff members during company interviews where colour and component recognition is particularly important.

The CD ROM contains a series of questions on each of the following subjects:

Colour Coding, Printed Circuit Boards, Component Recognition, Solder Paste Printing, Component Placement, Reflow Soldering, Wave Soldering, Cleaning, Rework and Repair, Solder Joint inspection.

Each question has multiple choice answers which must be selected prior to moving onto the next question. Both correct and incorrect answers are acknowledged and the answers recorded to disk along with the student name. The test can be repeated with the number of attempts again recorded to disk for future reference. Selected subjects like joint inspection and component recognition have photographic examples for the student to assess. After working through the multi choice question and answer session a report of the correctly answered questions is produced for the instructor on each student. A copy of the questions and answers are also included as a .txt and .doc files on the hard disk for manual testing and for possible modification of the test questions.

Date of Publication:
Aug 14, 2013
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