Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer Market Analysis & Forecast 2014-2020

Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer Market Analysis & Forecast 2014-2020

M&M, Date of Publication: Dec 19, 2014

Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer (TDLA) Market by Industry (Metal, Power, Cement, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Fertilizer, and Pulp & Paper), by Application (DeNOx, Incineration, Emission monitoring, & others) & by Geography - Analysis & Forecast to 2014 - 2020

The Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer (TDLA) is a measuring device capable of identifying the proportion of methane, water vapor, carbon dioxide and many more, in a gaseous mixture. One of the key advantages of the Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer Spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology is that, it can measure the concentration of gases at very low detection limits. TDLA has become one of the critical factors in the success of process industries as it provides crucial information about the chemical composition.

The market size for the TDLA industry was around $291.57 million in 2014 and is expected to grow considerably in the coming years. Some of The major players in the global TDLA market are Siemens AG (Germany), ABB Ltd. (Switzerland), Mettler-Toledo International Inc. (Switzerland), Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan), Servomex (U.K.), NeoMonitors (Norway), Endress+Hauser group (Switzerland), and Sick AG (Germany), among others.

The report covers the TDLA Market by applications, industry, and geography. It provides a detailed analysis of the current market scenario and the estimation till the year 2020. The oil and gas industry and metal industries are driving the TDLA market. The market is reaching at the growth stage in the developed countries but is expecting an increasing demand from the developing nations due to huge demand and high infrastructure development investments.the total market for the TDLA market will be worth $524.91 million by 2020 at an estimated CAGR of 10.30%.

The report describes the TDLA market by considering all the major stakeholders in the market and their role analysis. The report also provides a detailed scrutiny of the market using the market share analysis. All the major factors in this market have been quantified using the internal key parameters governing each of them.

Asia Pacific currently leads the market share of the TDLA market as this region has the maximum adoption. South America is the emerging market for TDLA market. It is estimated that the European market will increase at a CAGR of 8.49% from 2014 to 2020. For chemical industry North America is the largest market and this trend is expected to be continuing in coming future.

Scope of the report

This research report categorizes the “Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer Market (TDLA)” on the basis of different industries, applications, and geographical analysis; and also forecasts the revenues and analyzes the trends in the market.

On the basis of application

Some of the major applications in TDLA market are such as Tail Gas, Syngas, SRU (Sulfur Recovery), Refinery Heaters, Refinery Fuel Gas, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Incineration, Greenhouse Gases, FTC/GTC for Aluminum, Flare Gas, Fertilizer Off Gas, Fertilizer (Urea), FCCU, Emission Monitoring, Electric ARC Furnace, DeNOx, Coke-Oven Gas, Clean Gases, Carbon Black Producers, Boilers, and BOF Gas.

On the basis of industry

Some of the major industries in TDLA market are such as chemical, power, oil & gas, pulp and paper, fertilizer, cement, metal and environment industries.

On the basis of geography

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
    • Mexico
  • South America
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • U.K.
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Others
  • APAC
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • Others
  • ROW

Each section will cover the market data, and information with regards to the market drivers, trends and opportunities, key players, and competitive outlook. This report also makes ways for market tables to cover the sub-segments and micro-markets. In addition, it profiles more than 10 companies covering all the sub-segments such as ‘business overview, ‘products and services’, ‘key strategies’, and ‘developments’.


1. Introduction
     1.1. Objectives
     1.2. Report Description
     1.3. Stakeholders
     1.4. Research Methodology
            1.4.1. Assumptions Made For The Report
            1.4.2. List of Companies Covered During Study

2. Executive Summary

3. Analyst Insights

4. Market Overview
     4.1. Introduction
     4.2. Market Definition
     4.3. Market Dynamics
            4.3.1. Market Drivers
            4.3.2. Market Restraints
            4.3.3. Market Opportunities
     4.4. Burning Issues
     4.5. Winning Imperatives

5. Global Process Analyser Market By Type
     5.1. Introduction
     5.2. Gas Analysers Market
            5.2.1. Market by Type
            5.2.2. Market by Geography
     5.3. Liquid Analysers Market
            5.3.1. Market by Type
            5.3.2. Market by Geography

6. Global Laser Analysers Market By Type
     6.1. Introduction
     6.2. Quantum Cascade Lasers Market
            6.2.1. Market by Geography
     6.3. Tunable Diode Lasers Analyser Market
            6.3.1. Market by Geography
     6.4. Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy Market
            6.4.1. Market by Geography

7. Tunable Diode Lasers Analyser Market By Application
     7.1. Introduction
     7.2. DeNOx
     7.3. Syngas
     7.4. Coke – oven gas
     7.5. Refinery fuel Gas
     7.6. Natural Gas
     7.7. FCCU
     7.8. Refinery Heaters
     7.9. Clean Gases
     7.10.BFO (Blast furnace off gas / combustion  control)
     7.11.BOF (Basic Oxygen Furnace)
     7.12.Electric Arc Furnace
     7.14.Emmision Monitoring
     7.15.Green house Gases
     7.17.Flare Gas
     7.18.Tail Gas
     7.19.SRU (Sulphur Recovery)
     7.20.Carbon Black Producers
     7.21.Fertilizer Urea
     7.22.Fertilizer Off gas
     7.23.FTC/GTC for Aluminium

8. Tunable Diode Lasers Analyser Market By Industry
     8.1. Introduction
     8.2. Cement
     8.3. Pulp and Paper
     8.4. Fertilizer
     8.5. Chemical
     8.6. Oil and Gas
     8.7. Metal
     8.8. Power
     8.9. Environmental

9. Tunable Diode Lasers Analyser Market By Geography
     9.1. Introduction
     9.2. North America
            9.2.1. U.S.
            9.2.2. Canada
            9.2.3. Mexico
     9.3. South America
     9.4. Europe
            9.4.1. U.K.
            9.4.2. Germany
            9.4.3. France
            9.4.4. Italy
            9.4.5. Spain
            9.4.6. Rest of Europe
     9.5. Asia Pacific
            9.5.1. China
            9.5.2. Japan
            9.5.3. India
            9.5.4. Others
     9.6. ROW

10. Competitive Landscape
      10.2.Market Share Analysis
      10.3.New Product Development
      10.4.Mergers and Acquisitions
      10.5.Collaboration, Partnerships and Agreements

11. Company Profiles
      11.2.Siemens AG
      11.3.Sick AG
      11.5.ABB ltd
      11.6.Mettler Toledo
      11.7.Ametek Process Instruments
      11.8.Neo Monitors
      11.9.Emerson Process Management
      11.10. Honeywell
      11.11. Servomex



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Dec 19, 2014
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