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Through Hole Assembly Training Course

Through Hole Assembly Training Course

Date of Publication: Jul 11, 2015
List price: US$3,380.00
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This media-based training course includes seven DVD programs, leader's guide, written testing, and IPC Training Certification - at up to a 21% cost savings off individual DVD list prices!

In-House Training: Provide new employees with a comprehensive education explaining the entire through-hole assembly process - from process overviews to acceptance standards. Also valuable for cross-training - to help insure that every employee has a thorough understanding of their effect on end-product quality.

Independent Training Organizations: Designed for vocational-technical schools, state and federal job training centers, independent training centers, community colleges and anyone engaged in "school-to-work" programs, EDU-103 provides the essential core knowledge to prepare students for careers in the electronics assembly industry. IPC certificates of completion provide proof of pre-employment training to qualify entry-level candidates for positions in the electronics assembly industry.

All seven of the DVDs were produced by IPC in cooperation with industry experts - to assure best-practices - and are free from commercial bias. Course materials are available for free download over the web, and the program may be administered by any training facilitator or HR staff person.

Course Contents Include 7 DVDs:

1. DVD-27 Intro to Through Hole Technology	
2. DVD-47 Wave Soldering $400
3. DVD-PTH-F Through Hole Quality Standards	
4. DVD-44 Component Prep/Manual Insertion
5. DVD-142 Intro to Hand Soldering		
6. DVD-18 Soldering Terminals		
7. DVD-41Through Hole Rework	

Includes Training Certification.


Date of Publication:
Jul 11, 2015